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Real Estate for Realtors® covers software, education and strategies for success in today's real estate industry. I'm currently engaged as an independent marketing consultant for a number of real estate's largest technology & media firms at Tim Ventura, Digital Marketing Professional I've worked previously as the VP Marketing & Technology for Tim & Julie Harris® Real Estate Coaching I also serve as the volunteer coordinator for REO Pro, America's largest default agent network. Previously, I was the co-founder of the BPO Automation Group, the industry leader in Broker Price Opinion software with thousands of customers nationwide.
"Break Into the BPO Business With a Roar!" - join the BPO Automation Group on April 28th for the first edition of a free new educational webinar series that both beginners & seasoned agents will find useful. The series will be hosted by Nicole Ocean, and will feature a mixture of original conten...
The BPO Automation Group is pleased to announce the release of Order Central Beta, the new automated order-acceptance software developed as a successor to the highly successful AutoAccepter 2. The software functions as a virtual assistant, working 24x7 to automatically accept broadcast BPO order...
It’s been tough since the crash, but dedicated agents are stepping up to the plate with new solutions to make it in today’s highly competitive REO marketplace. Seasoned REO veteran Kevin Moran joins us to share his business & personal strategies for success with us in a post crash real-estate ma...
Nicole Ocean put together this overview of BPO Automation Group software and the progress we've made over the last couple of years with it - which is truly astonishing when you view the change over time...
What part of your computer gets the most use these days? Odds are that it's your web-browser. From ActiveRain to Gmail, just about everything is going web-based, which makes the browser your window to the world. Unfortunately, your browser is prone to collecting "junk", so just like any other win...
  Wow! It's March 24th already, which means there's only 7 days left to save big on our products at the  BPO Automation Group's Spring 2011 sale. Saving 10% to 15% on products like the BPO Automation Suite Pro and AutoAccepter 2, as well as standard add-ons like our Personalized Defaults, Fannie...
Green is the color of spring - and this year, it's the color of savings on our products at the  BPO Automation Group's Spring 2011 sale. We're kicking things off with savings of 10% to 15% on products like the BPO Automation Suite Pro and AutoAccepter 2, as well as standard add-ons like our Pers...
by Steve Lorimer, BPO Automation Group: I returned last week from the REOCON Summit in Fort Worth, Texas and I'd like to share some of my experiences there with you. Most of the agenda items at the Summit focused on the REO and Short-Sale industries, asset managers, etc. This similar theme appear...
What is a "broadcast BPO order"? Why do agents get excited or upset when the topic comes up? What does this have to do with my business? Hey, if these things only pay $45 to $65 each, why does it even matter? Maybe you're new to real-estate, or maybe new to the REO world, or maybe you've just pl...
  Happy New Year! In the next couple of weeks we’ll be releasing a beta-edition of Order Central, the successor to the AutoAccepter 2. In 2010, the AutoAccepter 2 captured over $6.2 million in broadcast BPO orders for our clients, and our goal with Order Central is to exceed this performance whi...

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