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Real Estate for Realtors® covers software, education and strategies for success in today's real estate industry. I'm currently engaged as an independent marketing consultant for a number of real estate's largest technology & media firms at Tim Ventura, Digital Marketing Professional I've worked previously as the VP Marketing & Technology for Tim & Julie Harris® Real Estate Coaching I also serve as the volunteer coordinator for REO Pro, America's largest default agent network. Previously, I was the co-founder of the BPO Automation Group, the industry leader in Broker Price Opinion software with thousands of customers nationwide.
Try Team-Workflow FREE for 1-month: Visit our website, click on the "Free Trial" button, and fill out the form, then select a trial subscription. You get 1-month free, and it's only $20 a month after that. Team Workflow is an order tracking and management app for BPO, REO, and Appraisal orders. ...
You work for a few different BPO companies. You pay the bills by pumping out orders, and it's tough to keep track of them all. You're writing them down on paper, or maybe you've got a list in Excel. What you don't need is a complicated, time-consuming "extra step" to keep it all organized. What ...
  Simplify order management with Team Workflow, a new solution for managing BPO, REO, and Appraisal orders for less than half the price of the competition! Click here for details. Team Workflow was designed for both individuals & teams as a solution to increase efficiency and save you money. It l...
 Simplify order management with Team Workflow, a new solution for managing BPO, REO, and Appraisal orders for less than half the price of the competition! Easily manage and track your BPO, REO, and Appraisal orders. Build a team, assign them orders and stay updated on order status. Share notes, ...
It's a Big Network. Thousands of REO agents have made the BPO Automation Group  the #1 choice for automated form-completion and order-acceptance software, and now we're taking it to the next level. We're more accessible, more available, and we're working with clients one at a time to foster succ...
Please read this important announcment: Yesterday, Nicole Ocean and I decided to release our new Order Central autoaccepter as a $49 monthly subscription (+usage). It comes with free support, free upgrades, and you can cancel anytime (no contracts). It's available as a free trial download on our...
Statistics are how I measure the effectiveness of order capture for our products, and it's also become an effective tool for measuring changes in order broadcast flow & distribution across the BPO industry. I develop & test order-capture tasks one at a time, but I measure their success by the hu...
Get more BPO orders. Get the RIGHT orders. We've just added Equator, Mark to Market, Mainstreet Val, and ISGN/Fiserv compatability to Order Central. Now you can specify which orders to automatically accept by payout & zip code for 12 top national companies. Get the free 2-week trial today at htt...
How do you become the industry leader in automated order acceptance? This is a first-person narrative of what it means to develop an autoaccepter, and how a tiny company built the largest order-capture software network on the planet. Introduction Back in July of 2009, Nicole Ocean and I had been ...
Get Order Central. Get Empowered. Tired of sitting in front of your PC clicking "refresh" all day long, hoping to catch enough orders to stay in business? Sick of feeling like a dog waiting for scraps at the dinner table? Take back your power! Order Central is a virtual assistant that automatica...

Tim Ventura

Digital marketing & technology executive.
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