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Real Estate for Realtors® covers software, education and strategies for success in today's real estate industry. I'm currently engaged as an independent marketing consultant for a number of real estate's largest technology & media firms at Tim Ventura, Digital Marketing Professional I've worked previously as the VP Marketing & Technology for Tim & Julie Harris® Real Estate Coaching I also serve as the volunteer coordinator for REO Pro, America's largest default agent network. Previously, I was the co-founder of the BPO Automation Group, the industry leader in Broker Price Opinion software with thousands of customers nationwide.
I'm working on a new website for our SEO services, and I wanted a neat way to promote it. Just scan the QR code on this page for exclusive pre-launch access (but I'm not going to put link to it in this post). Last week, somebody turned me on to a free new tool that you can use to create QR codes ...
"I found a decent keyphrase without a lot of competition, put up a page with Adwords on it, and then spammed the hell out of it to build backlinks. It works great - I make $3 a day. Well, on that one - but I've got a couple of hundred more just like it." I've been doing SEO since 1996 - mostly o...
I've got more friends on Twitter than you do - 'cause I've got a billion of 'em. Well, maybe not a billion, but well over twenty thousand between my primary account & all the accounts I manage for websites, blogs, etc. Of course, I cheated. I started with my "core professional network" (thanks M...
This Sunday marks the 10-year anniversary of September 11th. Ten years of worry, fear, and questions about our country and our place in the world. Ronald Reagan once said that if the last 4 years were kind to you, then you knew who to vote for. For us, as a country, the last 10 years have been pa...
How To Bing is a new website that I just launched to help SEO pros and businesspeople understand the value of the Bing Search Engine for their business. Bing was traditionally ignored in the SEO industry, and quite justifiably: the search (formerly Microsoft Live Search) only had about 13% of th...
Bloggers have been commenting on the National Association of Realtors announcement that over 100,000 agents have left the organization since 2006, and I just saw a prediction on Agent REO Secrets (in the video) that 20% of agents may leave Real Estate this year. That's a big number - I mean, BIG...
Promote your blog, 100% Free, right here! ActiveRain has over 200,000 members, and they've all got blogs - use our tool to stand out from the pack and submit yours to search engines & directories. We've provided this free service to show you just how easy it can be to market your blog & increase...
Real Estate is all about timing & delivery: the right message at the wrong time means you've lost the sale. So what's it mean when you've got to wait a week for your latest blog to show up in the Search Engines? It means that your message is a week stale. Agent Press Room can help. John Wilson's ...
Introducing SEO & Marketing Services from Agent Press Room. We're offering a new suite of consulting services designed to maximize your online exposure, increase your website visitors, and boost your inbound sales leads. Our services are based on data-driven analysis of your website & detailed m...
For 2 years I worked closely with agents across the nation at the BPO Automation Group -and now that I'm with Agent Press Room, I still do. Real Estate agents are uniquely more mobile than other professionals, and from what I've found they're also more open to change. When I started Agent Press ...

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