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Real Estate for Realtors® covers software, education and strategies for success in today's real estate industry. I'm currently engaged as an independent marketing consultant for a number of real estate's largest technology & media firms at Tim Ventura, Digital Marketing Professional I've worked previously as the VP Marketing & Technology for Tim & Julie Harris® Real Estate Coaching I also serve as the volunteer coordinator for REO Pro, America's largest default agent network. Previously, I was the co-founder of the BPO Automation Group, the industry leader in Broker Price Opinion software with thousands of customers nationwide.
Megan & Zeke Zucaro are brilliant investors, motivated agents, and successful educators - and they've just announced a new "How To Lend" seminar scheduled for January 27th to help others learn from their experience.Megan and Zeke aren't your typical real estate educators. Let's face it: we've al...
I sold my shares of the BPO Automation Group last June and promised myself at the time that I'd get out of real estate. I like working with agents, and as a software designer my role at BPO Automation was emotionally rewarding, but the industry is down and as the year progressed I met more and m...
Nationally-recognized REI Educator Megan Zucaro uses FasTrac Investor in her own business to save time and make better decisions about her Real Estate Investments. She joins developer Howard Jachter to provide this step-by-step overview of what makes Fastrac such an invaluable tool - one that sh...
FasTrac Investor was developed by Real Estate Investors for use in their own businesses, and in this special video webinar presentation we speak with designer and investor Howard Jachter for a real-world overview on how to use it to transform your REI business into a money-making machine. FasTra...
Struggling to sell homes in today's depressed market?  Quit waiting for the economy to change: it's time to change yourself. Re-invent your business by representing investors and cash in on the fastest growing buying segment in history! Visit us online to learn more. Today's market is different....
Attention Real Estate Investors! Download a FREE Trial of FasTrac Investor and save 50% off the retail price. This is an amazing offer for a very limited time to get a great application at an amazing price. No tricks, no gimmicks, & no obligation: just great software.FasTrac Investor walks you t...
FasTrac Investor real estate investment software will be available on December 15th, and when you see the screenshots below you'll want to pre-register online for a free trial of FasTrac Investor. FasTrac Investor software walks you through every step of the real estate investment process and gi...
Real Estate Investment has more profit potential right now than at any point in the history of the United States, but only if you know what to buy. FasTrac Investor is the only tool you'll need to learn and execute every step in the real estate investing process. Get on the FasTrac to Success an...
This Friday, September 30th, at 9AM, REOPro's Jesse Gonzalez will be interviewing Tim Harris of Harris Real Estate University on the REO industry. I HIGHLY recommend you bookmark this link and attend, and here's why: Tim Harris knows what he's talking about: he's well-connected in the industry, ...
If you've been waiting for Google+ like I have, then today is the day to login to your Google Profile account and activate the "Plus" settings associated with it. If you've already got a Gmail account, then you've probably got a Google Profile - but if not, you've got some work cut out for you s...

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