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The Silent Partner Marketing is a boutique marketing firm dedicated to helping you navigate the digital age. We offer uncensored, real-world strategy, guidance and advice to everyone from business owners to those trying to figure out marketing. Although we're known for outrageous marketing, social media and videography, we specialize in designing and executing marketing strategies.



How to get money from a VC - what you need to know about venture capitalists.There are a couple of ways you can cook a lobster. You can put it in a pot of boiling water tail first and listen to it shriek.You can put it into a pot of water and bring it to a boil, ensuring the lobster never knew wh...
These are the secrets that your digital agency may be using to make money off your business - see what they don't want you to know.Banner ads. Sometimes I think the only thing keeping them alive are advertising agencies touting massive numbers of impressions to clients so they can keep the juice ...
It's often a strategic combination of public relations and marketing that conquers the impossible.2016 is shaping up to be the year of the live streaming video.  Facebook has formally launched Facebook Live for an expanded group of beta testers and will be rolling it out to everyone else later th...
Sometimes buried in those childhood memories lie tremendous business lessons.Grandparents are such a blessing. The precious moments we spend with them are filled with love, laughter and lessons that last a lifetime.Today I want to share a few of the lessons that I learned from playing board games...
You can all blame Joe Petrowsky for me being on AR.  Seriously.  Hold him entirely responsible.When you get over hating on the old bull, I want you to come hang out with us in what's going to be one of the best AR Meetups ever held.We're hosting it at The Innovation and Libation Lab on Thursday, ...
A look at some of the numbers behind Snapchat's growth and why you need to start marketing there.I’ll never forget the fight that my first cellphone caused with my parents.It was back in the 90’s and our family plan had something like 5 text messages a month. Remember those days?One afternoon, my...

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