Is Phoenixville a nice place to live? Is the commute on 422 really bad? Will prices decline further? -- David Phoenixville is really living up to its name. This once burnt out, dying town has, in a relatively short period of time, risen from its ashes transformed into a vibrant, diverse community...
Someone recently asked us about the way we market ourselves in this tech savvy new world. Specifically, do we still use the old methods of lead generation or have they gone by the wayside completely? We have dramatically changed our marketing efforts recently to take advantage of much the web has...
It's Spring! At least according to the calendar it is. Here in the suburbs of Philadelphia we are still waiting for proof in the form of good weather. It just seems backwards that we should have a sunny, 70 degree day for the Mummers Parade in January and a snowy, 35 degree day for Easter in Apri...

Donna Saylor & Carolyn Mitchell The Power of TWO!

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