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The Power Is Now Blog is commentary by Eric L. Frazier, MBA who is a Real Estate Broker and Mortgage Banker about recent news in real estate, politics, economics and banking.
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Blockbusting was a common practice during the final years of forced segregation. In essence, it consisted of selling properties to black families in predominantly white neighborhoods and encouraging white homeowners to sell their properties at low prices. In turn, the homes would be sold to Afric...
Do you have an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number?  Do you pay your taxes via an ITIN? People with an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number that will expire in the course of this year need to submit a PIN renewal request. This will help you avoid and prevent tax refund delays in the co...
Unfortunately, the real estate market is plagued by scammers. New homeowners, the elderly, immigrants, veterans, and those having problems refinancing their mortgage are especially vulnerable to these threats, as was evidenced during a scam in Florida in 2017.[1] This is why real estate professio...
The real estate market seems more attractive now than ever. The worst days of the crisis are over, and the market has bounced back. This situation makes real estate a place with a lot of potential for growth and high earnings.A real estate agent entering the market can expect to earn an average o...
On September 27, 2017, President Trump vowed to bring us a simpler tax code that would cut taxes for the middle class, and to bring back the wealth that has left our country. When that tax plan was revealed in October, the housing industry was shocked to see that the mortgage interest deduction w...
The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), which was created during the worst days of the 2008 crisis by then-President George W. Bush, has been giving new homeowners easy access to mortgage loans. The subprime mortgage bubble of 2008 destroyed many homeowners’ dreams as millions of foreclosures ...
We are a nation of immigrants, and all of us do not have Social Security cards. With this amazing program, you can still purchase a home! Tune in on October 24th at 7:30PM at to learn about the requirements to qualify for this program. Don’t forget to ask any questions ...
The demographics of America are changing. The mass immigration of Latin Americans in the last few decades has grown exponentially, to the point that Hispanics now represent 17% of the total U.S. population. Although there is a perception that most of them come from Mexico or identify as white, it...
According to Latino GDP report, Latino GDP grew 70% faster than U.S GDP. Results show that if Latino GDP was a country, it would be the 7th largest in the world. While the non-Latino workforce shrank by about 4,000 workers between 2010 and 2015, the Latino workforce grew by nearly 2.5 million, po...

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