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I lost three listings last week.  So what? –might be the reaction of some people. Let me explain. First of all, after 35 years in the real estate business, I don’t often have listings be withdrawn without being sold.   These were withdrawn, because I can’t lie to my sellers. I can’t sell these pr...
If you don’t know yet that Biggert-Waters has completely changed the rules regarding the sale of properties in the flood plain, you are either in the desert (lucky you) or oblivious.  Some basics: Congress wanted to fix the $24 billion hole in left in the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) a...
An issue that just hasn’t gone away in real estate is that of the travelling appraiser—the one who does not live or work in the area, but nonetheless has travelled there to do an appraisal. Some Appraisal Management Companies (AMCs) have faced this problem by requiring that their appraisers only ...
This blog was inspired by a cartoon which shows a couple sitting with a real estate agent. The agent says: “Based on comps, I suggest listing at $350K.” Wife: “But we paid $650,000 for it!” Husband: “And Zillow says it’s worth $675,000!” I found the cartoon on Facebook and reposted.  The sad trut...
It’s 1993, and this is your life: you go to the gas station and fill up your vehicle at $1.16 per gallon. From there, you continue to the grocery store, and pick up a gallon of milk for $1.26 and a loaf of bread for $1.57.  Your monthly rent is $532, on average. You have a new car, which you boug...
  Real estate transactions, as we know in the industry have two sides. One side is the buyer side, one side is the seller side.  We all know that sometimes, in an attempt to represent our clients’ best interests , some of us breach the boundaries of common courtesy and common sense.  But what str...
                  The Appraisal Institute, quoting the National Association of REALTORS®, noted that agents are also upset over the ongoing requests from underwriters and lenders for “more comparables”.  The story can be read here:
A recent issue with a home inspection report has me sighing! Now understand, one of the hats in my closet says: “Appraiser”. And when I do an appraisal report, it has facts, and opinions, which are supported by facts. The quickest way in appraising to get the underwriter riled is to have unsuppor...
Another Year, Another Generation           It’s spring in North Central Pennsylvania; fishing season opening day has been here already, and we’re busy getting our cabin ready for the summer.  Across my region, this is when we return to camps and cabins for another season.  A big part of the real...
              Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and all across various social media sites, people are asking each other: “What are you thankful for?” Of course, top of our list is family, friends, faith and the ability to do what I love as a career. But we’re also thankful for the quality of life we enjo...

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