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This weekend I showed houses to some of the nicest clients I have had in a long time. They were friendly, kind, appreciative, happy, and ready to buy. I did find them a home they love and we are working on the offer now. Of course, they are cash buyers. I have been writing and manifesting perfect...
Are you working less and shopping more? Are you going to more parties and showing up alittle later? Are you starting your end tasks for your business? Are you less excited to prospect and more excited to wrap gifts and drink alittle cider? Maybe your holiday has started?
When I first started in real estate, I thought the once the deal was closed, that my job was pretty much done. Through the years, I have learned, that this is not necessarily so. Some service items are necessary to aid the buyers and sellers and some are good just to stay in touch with the client...
I personally show most of my listings so I can get right on the spot feedback from the buyer's agent and the buyers too. After they finish viewing the home, I ask them how they like the house? if they like it, I ask them what they like about the house. If they don't like it, I ask them what they ...
Here is La Quinta, California, we are spoiled with nice sunny warm weather most of the year. Right now we have lows in the 30's and highs in the 50's and sunny skies. People are pretty much bundling up and staying indoors. Between the cold temperatures and the Christmas preparations, there is not...
Many people want to wait to list their home until after the holidays. December is a great month to sell your home. There are fewer homes for sale during December. You know the buyers who view the home are serious buyers. Home show well decorated for the holidays. Call me now to get your home sold...
What a nightmare! My email was hacked. I am so grateful to have so many great friends that have let me know. So far today I have had at least 60 calls and that many texts too. My email is still iffy on receiving. I also posted on facebook that I was hacked. Even my bank called me. I hope no one e...
Photos of listed homes for sale need to be changed and refreshed each few months. This gives the listing a new perspective and also an accurate view of the home. Just moving some items in the home and changing the lighting can make a difference in how the home is viewed online. You only get one c...
For the first time ever, I asked a listing agent yesterday to prepare a Notice to Perform for my buyer. The buyer has not deposited the earnest money for over 2 weeks. They also have not provided proof of funds. They have done a home inspection. They are communicating but not doing anything. In t...
My agents and I have been doing mastermind groups for many years. We share ideas on marketing, closing, prospecting and so on. We have a Japanese friend coming from Hawaii this weekend who has not been to the mainland very often. We wanted to make places to show here around our area and show her ...

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