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Whether a question or a statement, it’s something we have addressed in podcasts, letters, online posts, articles and emails until our fingers bled. Ok, they didn’t actually bleed…but they got seriously sore! The black and white answer to ‘Can I do this on my own?’ is... yes. Now, you can walk awa...
Are there OTHER Programs out there that do the same thing as The Money Merge Account? Not one. There are Programs that are beneficial, but none of them do exactly what we do. If you look through the web, search posts made by people in the financial industry on the MMA, you will read many claims, ...
Can Anyone Use the MMA? No. We wish we could say yes, but it wouldn’t be the truth. You must qualify, not for the Money Merge Account so much as the Home Equity Line Of Credit (HELOC), which is required to make the MMA Program work. So, the key is being able to qualify for the right kind of HELOC...

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