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 "When a Master Chef combines the best of ingredients, along with following a known recipe, they often can create a masterpiece that is tasteful to the pallet, colorful to the eye and aromatic to the delight of many, who will be served and consume this delicious morsel, however, ~ When too many c...
"Commitment and Discipline are Synonymous with Goals that are Specific and Measured to Achieve Success that is backed up with being held Accountable for the Results"      Carlos R. Arvizu Sr pronounced ( R. V. Zoo )                                                                                  ...
A Word of Wisdom Thought for Today; "A word of encouragement is all an inquisitive mind needs to propel  themselves to excell beyond their own internal belief system~ as this  is the food that gives them stregnth to say I can do it. "Carlos R Arvizu SrWells Fargo Home Loans562-755-3856TheDon1950...
The Power of Thinking. The problem with our political struchure, is that they  fail to use common sense ~ anyone can offer to raise taxes without to  much thinking, however, it takes an ordinary person to realize, that  there are three possible solutions to a budgetary dilemna;1) Cut expenses2) R...
Carlos R. Arvizu Sr. California writes: The problems were facing today such as jobs, the economy, the housing market, and national security far outweigh the President of the United States desire to pass a bogus health care package down our throats, especially the 1000 plus pages of garbage.  Poli...
The Hidden Truth is always whitewashed.  Mr. Bernanke and Mr Greenspan are the true culprits of our economic downturn, they along with gang of thieves, who helped rob the American public of it's vitality.  The gang of thieves include the likes of Christopher Dodd, Barney Frank, and the Office of ...
It looks like we let the "Fox in the Hen house"  Am I the only one to see through this mess.  The Federal Reservve caused this mess, yes the Federal Reserve.  Back in the last Quarter of 2005, Chairman Greenspan had the chance to re-correct the market to a slow and soft landing by stopping the qu...
Recently, Senator Alex Padilla,D San Fernando introduction or revival of SB407 Point of Sale retrofit requirement that all sellers of residential real estate would be burden with a cost that has far reaching affects that many homeowners can ill afford.  This is not the time when homeowners have b...
Economic News By; Carlos Arvizu Sr  Many citizens are deeply concern with the direction the  economy is going.  Many hard working people are concerned with losing their jobs, homes, or have seen their 401k's retirement investments dwindle 40 to 60% in value over the last year.  Fixing the problem...
All I can say, it is ashame that we have these smart people running the government, who have education and No Common Sense!  If a free society can not pays it's bills, and the government continues to spend, raises taxes and can not afford to pay its' own bills, what will be the final outcome be f...

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