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RECENT BLOG POSTS This link will bring you to a video which I think is truly amazing. I hope you all take a few minutes to watch. I hope you are all touched by it as much as I was. One vote truly does make a difference. Lets stand up for what so many fought and died for. I hope you t...
Just a little song by Hank Williams Jr. Thought you might get a kick out of it. He calls it McCain/Palin tradition. I think it is a good example of the feelings in the heartland.Of course liberals wont like it ,He sings about being proud of his country. Anyway send it to your friends   http://www...
This you tube video is from part two of Mick Huckabee's interview with Joe the plumber. At about 2:50 there is a question from an audiance member that I hope everyone sees. I agree with Mike that she should be made an honorary citizen. I wish more Americans would turn off BSNBC and realize what s...
 In the book of Genesis when God told Abraham that he was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah Abraham pleaded with Him. He asked would God judge the righteous with the wicked and destroy them all. In the end God promised Abraham that if He found but ten righteous men he wouldnot destroy the city....
The otther day someone brought up the point to me that they were feeling prety confident about Obama winning the election. There position was, Look at how many more people show up for his rallies that at McCains rallies. Then there is also the polling numbers. Well I think I have the answer for t...
Paul Newman has pased away at the age of 83. This is the first time in my 46 years that the death of anyone from hollywood has affected me. I've never been a big movie fan and don,t watch much television but I always enjoyrd Paul Newman. I  seldom see a film that is worth watching more than once,...
Abba Father  I come befrore you this night and approach your throne of grace and ask for your bleesed comfort for all of my friends in Texas. Not only my friends father but all who are in harms way.   I fit is your will I ask you to blow this hurricane back out to see . If not I  go to my knees a...
He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I JUST THOUGHT THIS WAS A FITTING VERSE FOR 911
Proud to say I can't imagine living anywhere else Proud of the country that gives me the many freedoms I sometimes take for granted Proud that I can worship my Lord as I choose without threat  of imprisonment Proud to say how in debt I am to every man or women who ever wore the uniform of our mil...
As it is written, there is none righteous, no not one/Romans 3:10 I just read through a blog by Rich Dansereau and all the ensuing comments, and would like to give my opinion. The opposing parties(Democrats and Republican) can spend all day pointing out the various moral lapses of each others par...

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