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  Remember being young, possibly racing to the only dandelion you saw, hoping to beat your brother or sister?  I do. You pick this dandelion that is white and fluffy with seeds and try to be really careful not to let the wind cause any part of your masterpiece to disappear. The thrill of being th...
I wanted to share with my readers, clients and current customers, (oh, I can't forget those who just might decide to use me as their Realtor!) some information that I just received from Tennessee Association of Realtors concerning the new $8,000 tax credit! Your $8,000 Tax Credit Information This...
 Valentine's Day was a special day for my husband and I.  We are both Reatlors and had floor duty together.  I thought it would be a quiet day for us to spend together but it turned out to be anything but quiet! At Exit Realty Clarksville, we are in a prime location to help anyone looking for a r...
Great Deal! This beautiful home is located only 20 to 30 minutes from post and is renting at a super price!  Availability will be around March 20th, possibly a little sooner.  If you are interested call me as soon as possible or the office.  This one will go quickly. I personally sold a home on ...
  Dear Mrs. Agnew,   Thank you for contacting my office regarding tax rebates for Social Security and VA disability recipients in addition to Homeowner Assistance Plan financial relief for military and wounded warrior homeowners in the economic stimulus package, the American Recovery and Reinvest...
  This weekend a lot of us are off for a 4 day weekend. We are celebrating the birthday's of two Presidents past. Washington and Lincoln. Washington's birthday is the federal holiday that will be observed, while Lincoln's birthday was on February 12 and is a state holiday. What is Presidents Day...
Ok, I was reading our local paper on the internet and in the side bar was this picture ad: I am kind of getting a little aggrivated with this kind of marketing.  I don't know about you.  We work so hard at getting our buyers what they need. Then you have these companies that offer the buyer to fi...
  Mr. Richard “Rich” Sims lost his life in a fatal motorcycle accident last night here in Clarksville.  His wife, a local Realtor, Judy, was on the back and is fighting for her life at this moment. I met these two when I came to Exit Realty Clarksville back in 2006.  Such a genuine, kind and lovi...
I recently wrote Marsha Blackburn to let her know my concerns and this is how she replied. Dear Mrs. Agnew: What a pleasure to hear from you. Thank you for contacting me to share your support of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) four-point legislative plan as part of a potential second s...
  So you had a bad day! As you drive home you notice that your taken deep breaths a lot and sighing.  You decide when you get home you are going to have a big glass of red wine or maybe you’re a beer person and want a couple of beers. You can understand how people become alcoholics, no pun intend...

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