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WOW!!!!! It really does not seem like it has been that many years ago that this trip down real estate lane started but here it is forty four years later.  Yes, September the fifteenth 1973 I received my real estate license. I received my brokers license September 1976 and charge straight ahead. I...
The real estate professionals associated with Texas real estate know that some items are a little different in Texas land mesurements. Texas may be the only state that uses different survey decsriptions for mersueing distance. The most misunderstood one is the Varas below are the unites used in T...
THE BRAZOS RIVER IN TEXAS AND WHICH ONE Your first comment “Say What” yes there are more than one Brazos River located in Texas. I am sure that many people know this but for the ones that do not know here is a little information on both.  First the Big Brazos River is a beautiful river some 840 m...
You can make Texas History Come Alive by becoming a member of the Texas State Historical Association.  This is a great association decitated to keeping Texas History in the forfront of interestied Texas History generations; if not each generation would need to start over. It srives to research, d...
It does seem that when you see one you see two or three more.  As you look to your left across the lake lot that is for sale there is nothing there as you look back again you see a lot of high speed traffic.  It is very fast and for sure it is breaking the speed limit in this lake development on ...
Even the geese get together for a weekend of fun and swimming on beautiful Lake Granbury Texas.  Photos made from the little cafe where I have breakfast about three times a week.  There is so much wildlife fun going on here at the lake.  Just watching the ducks, geese and squirrels doing their th...
The smallest state park in Texas is located in Hood County Texas and honors Elizabeth Crockett wife of David Crockett a hero of The Alamo. The park's name is Acton State Park located on Hwy 167 South in Acton Texas. The park consist of only the grave area of the Crockett Family members. Buried in...
  A Christmas Story for allKinda brings a tear to the eye………………………….A married couple had been out shopping at the mall for most of theafternoon, suddenly, the wife realized that her husband had"disappeared".The somewhat irate spouse called her mate’s cell phone and demanded:Where the hell are you...
Early morning visitors to my front yard.  This young white tail buck sure has grown this year I never thought his antlers would grow to this size.  Matter of fact his antlers are still in the velvet so his antlers are continuing to grow.  He is one of about seven white tails that visit my yard at...
This young Axis buck dropped by at six o'clock this afternoon to graze on a little of my front yard grass.  He sure looks healthy and has a nice size set of antlers for a young buck.  He did not show up alone he had some of his female friends along for company.  I suspect there will be some new b...

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