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With the term ‘mark to market' now being used quite extensively within the financial and banking communities, it seems also to be a term that is becoming to be more a part of my daily vocabulary than it ever has been, a term that I seem to be identifying with more and more.With the current financ...
Yup, she's now one step closer to becoming a millionairess."How,?" you ask.Well, it's simple. She's now chief cook and bottle washer of her own little LLC which will now begin investing in real estate with Roth IRA funds.......Here's cheers for my baby.Terry Kuehn
Just how far behind is the United States, anyway? It amazes me at times that however leading I think the United States is at various things, every now and then I learn just how far behind this country is in one thing or another that I just assumed, all along, that we were right up there with cut...
  Now HERE is an article that maybe we all in the business maybe should have read back in January 2005. If you have the spatial fortitude for a highly definitive (comparative) interpretation of maybe what the world’s economies are currently experiencing, and you have the will to read it in its e...
While we prepare to resume our worldly efforts as dutiful real estate agents and industry professionals, please remember to hit your IRA and 401(k) plans with contributions rather than deductions. Come tax time, most people think "deductions." But when it comes to your IRA or other retirement ac...
Hey, here's one for the (American) books:"Any company that is caught employing illegal workers will face a US $13,615 (AED50,000) fine per worker on the first offence, and a $27,230 fine per worker on the second offence," Al Kaabi said."And if the owner of the company is an expatriate, he will be...
"Police and firefighting salaries, pension and overtime consumes $63.1 million, or about 74 percent of the city's $85 million general fund budget. The city has slashed $13 million in spending since December 2006, firing 47 workers."My, god, what the heck's going on with this country? Police and f...
Reverse mortgages hit by deceit OK, picture yourself as a little 'ol lady or a little 'ol man with maybe not a whole lot upstairs, but you have this little house you've called home you've been living in for a quarter or maybe half of your life and a few bucks in the bank, maybe a little more tha...
Regarding the nation's current real estate market's relationship to my little neck of the woods, I am happy to report that the Pacific Northwest is holding up just fine. And, as you can see in the following table, the country's Number One City for price appreciation in the covered 291 metro area...
So it comes to pass that broad shoulders, big elbows, ego ticks and lack of constraint is leading many 20-year-pre-retirement folks into bludgeoning their retirement accounts.Interesting article:http://www.thenewstribune.com/business/story/288102.htmlMy youngest just turned 25 and I constantly re...

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