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 Yes, it's that time of year once again! I understand that we are all in the same boat right now but please do not forget that we do have things to be thankful for. I for one am very thankful the the elections are over and I'll be more thankful when the next couple of months go by and our history...
How many times have you hired someone to do a job and thought that you had hired the right person, told them what you wanted in detail and understood that they understood, just to get slapped in the face with horrible work! Then you ask them to please do it over because you are paying really good...
This is my first year being involved with this committee and they are wonderful folks. I can't believe all of the time, thought, energy, dedication and just plain love that all of these folks put into this event. They do it all so that the local folks can have a day of celebration. So, my positio...
  Just wanting to share a little bit about myself and figured that my 08' resolutions (I have several) are a good beginning.#1 I'm going to spend 1 day a month doing nothing but horse stuff. That means don't turn on the computer, turn off all forms of communication with the world and focus soulfu...
It's another year gone by and time to get your taxes together. If you're a business owner you understand the value in a simple receipt and how important itemizing is. But to the average person tax time means two simple things; #1 get your W-2 stub from your boss #2 go get your refund from any ole...

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