Who ever would have thought that the Seattle area would come to a standstill for over 2 weeks due to  SNOW! My laugh of the morning is a Tweet from a friend who posted, "Never thought I would be so excited to see a garbage truck, and it is not even on my street!" So true, so true! Here is my list...
In search of a mailing piece for this month, I called my lender Allie, who always sends me awesome stuff. I asked what her mailing piece was for November.  A recipe for Squash Soup. EWWWW, I replied - who eats Squash Soup?  I haven't eaten soupy squash since my 9 year old was in baby food, and th...
Yep! I survived this year in Real Estate.                                                                           I couldn't have picked a better time to be in this industry~                                                                            This market is full of great opportunity  for...
We can all sit around the TV and wait for the news to change. We can wait for the Bailout to bail us out. We can wait for someone to miraculously put money in our bank accounts. Except - The news will never is always slaughtering someone. The Bailout isn't going to bail me out of a...
So, I was inspired by a few of my Active Rain friends to put together a marketing plan. I took a little of this and a little of that. IT has begun.  Last weekend I previewed every house in and around my neighborhood. Today I mailed out postcards to everyone in my own neighborhood.  They said "Sec...
I see the neatest Blogs - and I'm dying to start!  I think I've been to every blog forming blogsite there is.  There's no real great instructions to get inside my head.  I even emailed someone who has a blog.  He told me to just "write".  Great!  I WANT to write, I just don't know how to POST the...

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