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FHA is tighten its requirements and excluding more buyer's in hopes that new conditions can strengthen their finances. While supply and demand have never been mentioned in any federal building in the nation FHA looks to make things harder on Borrowers and Lenders. "Striking the right balance betw...
I have been tracking the sales for most of Salem and I am happy to report that SE is booming. List Price to Sales Price is a bit staggering and the top sale of 345,900 suggest the slowness of the upper end market. Courteousy of Amerititle and WVMLS.
It happens to all of us. We go out to list a property and the seller says "I think I will try it FOR SALE BY OWNER". Okay. It happened to me just recently. So I said, "I understand your decision but if you do not sell it in a month I will list it". Then I send the seller a quick email stating the...
Vote NO! Tell the State Legislature that enough is enough. Tell then to tighten their belts beacuse taxing small businesses is not answer. Taxing on Gross Income does not mean profits and it means 70 thousand lost jobs for Oregon. Think it through, but Vote!
I am selling a home with smoke detectors in the sleeping areas but the appraiser and lender came back with a condition stating a smoke detector is needed in each room of the home except the bathroom. Then it got me thinking about the kitchen. Why would you have one in the kitchen? Does anyone kno...
I know it is not professional to use four letter words but I do not like the New GFE or the new HUD1. The idea behind them is good but the implementation stinks. I know I am not the first to speak on this subject but I can't help but rehash how bad these are. When I first saw it I confused it wit...
I like gauges. In my car, on the oven, clocking computer speed and now online. This gauge is a very cool one because it helps you determine what rent should be for a specific area and size and condition of the rental. I like it because it is simple. I like it because it gives averages. I like it ...
If you are like me you are always thinking about cell phone minutes. I often end up texting my cleints and most seem to respond positively to it. They are some though that thinks it lacks a personal touch. Is it polite and professional? Is it okay to text prospects as well? I am not a hipster coo...
If you have ever been to Oregon or specifically the Willamette Valley you know what I am talking about. It rains and rains. Not buckets but a constant light sprinkling. And you know a true Oregon because they don't use umbrellas but hoods if that. You'd think this post might be a negative one but...
In my experience I am seeing that even with cash buyers short sales are very hard to close. I had a cash buyer make a full price offer, inspect and wire funds. We waited a month for bank to close. They had to see an update HUD1 and then the right people had to give us the go ahead approval. It cl...

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