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Viral marketing is when you create a marketing message so entertaining, interesting, or compelling that others voluntarily spread that marketing message for you. In the old days, before computers, we called this "word of mouth advertising", also known as "referrals", and recognized it as a valuab...
I started posting on November 9, 2007, so Wednesday was my two month birthday on ActiveRain.  I'm big on tracking and trends, so let's see how my second month compared to my first month.First Month: 14,428 points, 58 blog posts, 199 comments made, and 298 comments receivedSecond Month: 14,872 poi...
This week I've written about a few of the benefits of REALTOR® membership.  January is renewal season and when the invoice arrives from the local AOR, it's natural to question whether the value of REALTOR® membership is worth the cost.  If you want to recover the cost of your annual membership du...
One of the benefits of being a member of the National Association of REALTORS® is Lowe's program for REALTORS®. Lowe's will send personalized direct mail to your clients on your behalf with a 10% discount coupon. Lowe's also offers a 5% discount on gift cards. Lowe's even has a monthly e-newslett...
A few days ago I discovered that I couldn't install WordPress on my GoDaddy hosted site because I had chosen a Windows server instead of a Linux server.  I was able to get tech support at 2AM on a Saturday night and I was switch my hosting from a Windows server to Linux server for free, but the b...
As we turn the page on a year many real estate professionals would prefer to forget, let's remember the lessons we learned in 2007 and carry them forward into 2008.Goodbye Retail, Hello BarterSellers who thought they could slap a price on their property and wait for a buyer to meet that price got...
Santa Clara County is a very diverse community.  During the recent boom, numerous diversity affiliate groups sprang up to celebrate various cultures and provide additional support to real estate professionals who served those cultures.  Over the past two years, however, diversity affiliate group ...
I have a free Blogger blog aimed at local real estate professionals who might be interested in attending my technology and marketing classes.  I use Feedburner (also free) to track subscriptions, visitors, and page hits.  One of the things Feedburner tells me is which search terms were used to fi...
Video professionals used to say that you could always tell when new video effects were invented because they would invariably show up in car dealer commercials, typically piled one on top of another in a desperate attempt to attract attention.  I'm starting to think that widgets are the real esta...
Last night I was trying to set up a free WordPress blog on a new domain. I followed the instructions, created a MySQL database, and uploaded the WordPress files.  When I ran the installer that comes with WordPress, I got the following message:"Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL...

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Technology and marketing information for real estate professionals in Santa Clara County and the Bay Area

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