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A few weeks ago, I received feedback about the Next Blog button at the top of my blog.One of my visitors had clicked on the Next Blog button to see how different bloggers used the platform to communicate with visitors and was surprised to discover pictures of scantily clad...
Do you know where your WINForms® Desktop transactions are stored?The default folder path is C:\WINDOWS\Application Data\RE FormsNet\Depot\Local\MasterThis path is difficult to remember and unless you backup your entire local drive, you probably aren't backing up your WINForms® Desktop transaction...
I just received a "4-1-9" scam email that was sent to me through my ActiveRain contact form.  If I got one, some of you will probably get one as well. The "4-1-9" scam is also known as the "Nigerian Scam" because many early variations were sent by people claiming to be from Nigeria. The essence o...
Looking at Localism Beta and Localism Brainstorming, I can't help but wonder if I'm looking at the bleak future of all of ActiveRain.Localism Beta was founded on 01/13/07 by John Occhi.  John's description of the group's purpose is very clear.This is the place to channel information and opinions ...
Recently I created a model "website" for the Santa Clara County Chapter of the Independent Real Estate Brokers Network using Blogger.  I chose Blogger because hosting is free and site management is easy.Because I was designing this site to be used like a website rather than a blog, I made several...
Earlier today, I posted my tech4REpros Technology Glossary.  It's a glossary of technology terms for my target audience, real estate professionals.  I added a link to my standard post page so that it would always be easy to find.  Have you posted a real estate glossary to your blog?  A real estat...
Welcome to the Technology for Real Estate Professionals technology glossary. This glossary is available through a permalink on the right side of every page. New terms will be added on a regular basis.Thanks!Frank Jewett==========Blog - Web LogAn internet journal publishing model that is easy to d...
Think you're too old to blog? Think again.One of the world's most famous blog writers is a 96-year-old grandmother from Spain named Maria Amelia. Maria started blogging on December 23, 2006. As she explained at the top of her blog, "Today it's my birthday and my grandson, who is very stingy, gave...
Before I get inundated with comments about the value of home ownership, the question in the title is about software, not housing. Software, unlike housing, tends to depreciate and become obsolete, forcing us to purchase upgrades or replacement software. With that in mind, what should you think ab...
How many of you have ever tried the spell-checker here at ActiveRain?Have you ever noticed that it doesn't know words like blog, blogs, blogged, blogger, and blogging?Does it not seem odd that a spell-checker which is meant to be used on a blog can't spell blog?Does it not seem odd that a spell-c...

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Technology and marketing information for real estate professionals in Santa Clara County and the Bay Area

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