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Another strategy for consistent blogging is recycling good posts from the past that are still relevant. This week, I taught a workshop on real estate blogging. Since I had directed my students to my blog, I decided to recycle a pair of posts discussing the objectives of real estate blogging and t...
There are some things that are worse than copying and pasting jokes from chain letters into your real estate blog. One of them is devoting precious consumer facing blog space to writing for and about your real estate blogging buddies, otherwise known as "the blogosphere", especially when they are...
There are a variety of reasons for writing a blog post.  Most blog posts fall into one the following categories.A) Advertising myself or my listingB) Attracting readers in my target audienceC) Establishing my professional expertise to my target audienceD) Sharing my values and perspective with my...
The other day I stopped in at a local office that I used to call on when I worked for the title company.  I had an appointment, but I wasn't charging for my time.  The purpose of this meeting was to exchange information and maintain my relationship with that office.  I've never been a broker or a...
It's my birthday.  Hold on, I'm not fishing for well wishes.  I've already received plenty today.I got a birthday card from Southwest Airlines.  I got a birthday card from the dealer who sold me my Charger.  I got a birthday card from the auto broker who sold me and my wife her Buick.  He also le...
When I worked at the title company in 2006, there was one agent who would always sidle up to my desk, lower his voice, and ask if I could get him a copy of the Blue Sheet.  The Blue Sheet is an NOD newsletter here in Santa Clara County.  Every month the agent would ask me and every month I would ...
Last year, I spoke with an agent who cashed twelve commission checks in 2007. Six came from listings and six came from working with buyers. He got his listings through geographic farming. He'd been farming the same area for more than two years and he was having his best year ever in a slow market...
Real estate professionals don't stay with one office forever. They tend to move around, particularly when the market is slow and they are looking to kickstart their business. They often move during the slow season at the end of the year. Can any of you see where I'm going with this?I've noticed a...
A REALTOR walked into a salon and asked a hairdresser "How's business?"  "Terrible", replied the hairdresser, "I'm getting half as many bookings as last year."  "That is terrible", said the REALTOR, "Maybe you should think about lowering your prices."A hairdresser walked into a brokerage and aske...
I've picked up two phrases from ActiveRain mainstay Bill Roberts: "Highest and best use" and "path of progress."  What is the "highest and best use" for a 3,500 sq ft structure that is more than an hour away from the "path of progress?"  I'm thinking boarding house or multi-unit rental.  Heck, I ...

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Technology and marketing information for real estate professionals in Santa Clara County and the Bay Area

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