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LocalisMLM Members can sponsor neighborhoods for just $15.00, then sell sponsorships within that neighborhood for $15.00 to generate an additional revenue stream.  50% of monthly sponsorship fees will be paid out in commissions to upline sponsors.  If you missed out on Quixstar and VMDirect, this...
On Wednesday, July 9th, ActiveRain unveiled a new version of Localism, their consumer facing real estate blogging platform. It didn't take long for the screaming to start.Realtors Blogging For RealtorsAlmost 100,000 real estate professionals have signed up for free accounts with ActiveRain. Most...
This is a digest of Microsoft Excel posts on my Technology for Real Estate Professionals blog. If you would like more information about an Excel feature I have not yet discussed, please contact me.Thanks for reading!Frank Jewett==========Excel Digest Templates: FREE Microsoft Excel Templates for ...
SCCAOR and tech4REpros are offering several helpful technology classes in San Jose in July. Here are the dates and times for those classes, along with other important Santa Clara County real estate events that you may want to add to your calendar.Wednesday, July 9th - Richard Calhoun's monthly ma...
If you are still visiting ActiveRain, I'm going to assume that you've decided to commit to another year in real estate. Otherwise there isn't much point in sticking around through the slow fall and winter seasons only to leave at the start of 2009, before the next spring bounce. With respect to t...
I was sitting at my desk, trying to think of what a real estate agent could offer clients, when my eyes fell on my IRA statement from Smith Barney. That's when it hit me.Wouldn't past real estate clients like to receive an annual statement (CMA) letting them know the value of what is likely the l...
On Monday, May 12th, the cost of first class postage will increase by one cent. Last time the post office raised their rates, a local broker gave me a card to remind me about the increase. Inside the card, he had placed a strip of 10 one cent stamps. I held on to those stamps and every time I use...
Whether representing the sellers or the buyers, a real estate professional should always try to get as much reliable information as possible. Here in Santa Clara County, we have the luxury of being able to research secured property taxes online through the Santa Clara County website.Click the San...
Your real estate business is a duality comprised of two aspects, a technical aspect and a marketing aspect. The technical aspect consists of various activities that are performed between the listing and the closing, from filling out contracts to ordering inspections to handling negotiations. The ...
Is your office currently using a transaction management system like RELAY, SureClose, or Transaction Point to provide online escrow coordination? Have you made your use of a TMS platform part of your listing presentation?There are a number of advantages you can claim over agents who are not using...

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Technology and marketing information for real estate professionals in Santa Clara County and the Bay Area

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