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We all heard that the government is going to come out with a new program that will help homeowners that are underwater refinance their homes regardless of value. I just read the article that was inthe LA time (http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-1025-housing-overhaul-20111025,0,5524648,full.sto...
There was an article in the LA Times today about the California Housing Agency forcing foreclosures on homes where the owners are current but are renting out their properties.   The article states that this is not allowed unless the borrower lost a job. Shold a state agency make a bad situation e...
When the current mess began we had a lot of great deals in our area where it was easy for an investor to buy and flip a property.  I noticed that in the last year or so these deals seem to have disappeared. I think there are two reasons for this: 1.  the really bad properies were the first to fai...
People want a house that can become their home, where they'll fill it with good times and memories. What a thought!
I keep reading articles that talk about the high unemployment rates, home prices continuing their drop, prices of goods increasing.  Makes me wonder if we are really in a recovery?   I wuld be interested in hearing everyones viewpoint on this.
This question has come up with just about every client I have ever worked with.   In the end the question really does not matter.  When a house is bought, it is not for the price.  The reasons for buying a house go far beyond the price. Ask yourself the following questions and you too will see th...
Between 2000 and 2007 many home buyers bought homes that they could not afford but were able to buy with creative financing.  So, today we have the huge drops in the market because these people are losing their homes  .  They bought homes that were well beyond their reach.  Imagine if these home ...
We are seeing historically low interest rates.  In the last few weeks I had clients buy homes with the lowest interest rates I have seen in my career in real estate.  These rates were close to 4%.  I also had clients that were able to refinance for as low as 3.75%. In the past a good interest rat...
Home prices are very low in the Covina area.  A nice entry level home is around $ 325,000.  Assuming a down payment of 3.5% and an interest rate of 4.25% the mortgage payment (principal and interest) would be approximately $ 1,543 with tax and insurance it would be close to $ 2,000.  Don't forget...
I just read an article that says that we are exporting a lot of our gasoline and thus are more open to price fluctuations and increases.  And that this is the reason for our recent jump in gas prices.  Should we really be doing this to ourselves.  Our country is experiencing enough pain and maybe...

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