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In an article in Forbes magazine dated June 9th, the title was that "US Pending Home Sales Move Higher in April." That's GREAT NEWS and proof that you will find what you are looking for. If you look for the bad reports you will find them. If you look for the good you will find them! FACT: Home sa...
We've seen some crazy stuff in the media and I think this will be one my last posts for a while dedicated to the hype. I am not happy about what's going on with sub-prime mortgages and I do hope that banks will learn to work with people to get their rates stable and out of ARMS if they cannot ref...
ROCKED MARKETS- There has been a lot of news in the marketplace about the housing industry. The rise in foreclosure activity and the bad investments in the subprime marketplace has caused the fall of the mammoth Bear Stearns as well as rocked the foreign and domestic markets . STOCK MARKETS - Thi...
  I'll give you the Laugh first..:) But you've got to stick around for the info and give me a comment or two:)Reprinted with permission from  Now that I've gotten a laugh out of you, here's the goods...In our last blog I wrote about the importance of mortgage professionals knowing...
 Did you know that all FHA Underwriting is not the same?! Yes, It's true, FHA does have their set guidelines and requirements for purchasing an FHA loan, but beyond that there is much liberty taken. The reason I chose to be a mortgage broker is because in being a broker I am not limited to one ba...
Has 100% financing disappeared? Not entirely. As I posted earlier, FHA is in the works to move to a 100% program for first time buyers. Another option that is "too good to be true" is down payment grants. Not the Nehemiah where it is seller funded but actual GRANTS! This has been our focus this y...

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