HOUSE HUNTERS CARAVAN KICKS OFF IN MID-JULY FOR OUTSTANDING HOMEBUYER AND INVERSTOR VALUES! If you are a serious buyer interested in purchasing one of the growing number of Short Sale and Foreclosure Properties in Middlesex, Monmouth or Ocean Counties, we invite you to register for the next tour ...
It is time for every family or individual whose lifestyle is evolving to quit reading and believing everything they hear in the media about the doom and gloom of the housing market.  These negative "the sky is falling" reports have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with your life needs!  You and your fami...
I wanted to comment about the slow, almost subliminal decline in America's economy.  It is not just the slow down over the past four years and now stop in the housing market that is destroying the American economy.  The destruction of the American Dream of home ownership and having a decent place...
    We recently ran into a situation that is apparently an all too common occurance.  I wanted to share some thoughts on why using friends and relatives to list your home for sale is not a good idea, and may actually hurt your efforts to sell your home.   This past weekend we were showing some pr...

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