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[1]RISMEDIA, October 7, 2009-"The environment will be one of the great challenges of the 21st century. Soon it will dominate virtually all aspects of life in North America-socially, politically and economically. Today's great leaders and entrepreneurs must look at environmental problems as an opp...
What a difference nine months make. In the not-long-ago credit-card binge days, one of the "in" things was to own a TV the size of a bus. Today, it's to have six months of living expenses saved in case you get laid off. Until recently, buying was the social norm-"having stuff, having name brand s...
September 17, 2009Excerpt from:  EXIT Realty News EXIT Realty Boasts Two Finalists for the REALTOR® Technology Spotlight Award Jeff Lobb and Trecia Cooke are recognized by the Center for REALTOR® Technology EXIT Realty is proud to have two exceptional individuals named as finalists for the prest...
By Bob Moos RISMEDIA, September 2, 2009-(MCT)-Seniors battered by the tough economy are selling their life insurance policies to replenish their retirement nest eggs.  Unlike younger investors, older adults may not have the time to wait for the market to recover all of their losses, so they're tu...
As I sat down trying to decide on what I would write for my first blog ever, naturally I thought about my real estate career (or should I say the career that I want).  Everything that I've learned up to this point the question that comes to I really have a shot to make this a career? Le...

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