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There is a movement afloat here in Arizona to license mortgage lenders to help stem the tide of fraud, mis-representation and abuse of the unsuspecting.  My questions is this, will licensing help instill ethical treatment of others, in your opinion?
Have you visited, either in person or on-line, Sun City, Arizona lately? The community that originally defined affordable retirement with the best amenities, and golf, has again resurfaced as a potential "Boomer" destination. The homes were built to last and have the added benefit of being very e...
I am reading a publication that speaks to Feng Shui and it's benefits.  Being a Realtor I am interested if anyone has followed the dictates of Feng Shui and can say, one way or another, what has been there experience.  For example, this article states that "to break bad habits, change the furnitu...
Taken from the "Lovin' Life After 50" January 2007 publication and written by Terry Turk & Rosemary Seidenfeld at Sun American Mortgage, here are a few facts about reverse mortgages.Myth:  You lose ownership of your home with a reverse mortgage.Fact:  With a reverse mortgage you retain title to y...
Greetings to my friends, clients and those who have just happened upon this blog.  Today it is sunny and warm, however, the real estate market is still a bit chilly.  As of this morning there were 601 homes for sale in the Sun City zip code of 85351.  This is the largest figure I have seen in the...
In my world, I'm just getting over Christmas and New Years.  It appears that the market may be starting to move a bit more now that the holidays are over.  It is definitely a buyers market, my sellers are all very willing to negotiate.

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