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Along the border of Baker and Malheur County, in picturesque Eastern Oregon lies the 8,811+/- acre Willow Creek Ranch East. This working cattle ranch consists of a complete spring, summer, and fall grazing system. Gentle rolling sagebrush hills lead into the mature forests of California Mountain...
At the base of the Elkhorn Mountains only 6 miles from Beautiful Baker City, the 42 acre Salmon Creek Ranch lies in an opening overlooking the Baker valley. The spring fed pond seperates the modest home from the attractive barn. Indoor/Outdoor stalls open into a large area inside. An office, tac...
Spring seems to be the perfect time to spruce up your home. Warm weather and dirty hands are a perfect match. There are countless options for your flower beds or planters, however one type stands out as being very hardy, easy to care for, and beautiful. Succulents! Succulents require very little...
Nestled between the Eagle Cap Wilderness and Keating Valley is the alluring Hunt Property. This Eastern Oregon ranch has a distinctive balance of timber and grasses make it a superior piece of property for both hunting and livestock. Property for sale that affords such exclusive access to recrea...
  Each Spring in the hills of Eastern Oregon when the sun starts to warm the earth, our own special treasures start to poke up through the sprouting grasses and resting pine needles. Morels are a much loved delicacy of outdoor enthusiasts and gourmet cooks. They tend to grow best where the ground...
In the forest that divides Baker and Union County in Eastern Oregon, Frazier Mountain, a haven for wildlife and vegetation, overlooks both the Eagle Cap and Elkhorn mountains. The 5,350 acre ranch encompasses several distinct ecosystems, providing a superior habitat for both big game animals and...
The sunrise this morning in Rye Valley was exquisite! Our newest ranch listing includes deep timber pockets, open rangeland, and lush hillsides in Eastern Oregon. The views were amazing, but the fragrances of spring were overwhelming. As we drove by the ranch home while it was still dark, the bl...
The 57 Ranch is a beautiful 262 acre working cattle ranch. The Eagle Cap Wilderness Area overlooks the Keating Valley to the North, while the well-known grazing and hunting “Lookout Mountain Unit” borders the South side of ranch. Geographically the property is centrally located for both agricult...

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