Foreclosure and Short Sale Investing - a Trend for the Near Future

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Foreclosure, short sales and other real estate investing ideas and comments.
It is almost 2008 and it is time to really take a really good look at your foreclosure investng strategy for 2008.  I was reading an interesting email today from at  Colin, the administrator of the forum made some reall interesting points about the future of foreclosure in...
Sorry sometimes I just get off the subject of Foreclosures and need to write my thoughts.   When these thoughts hit me I have to write them down and I hope that you find them useful.  When starting a business one of the first things that you should do is identify your strengths and clearly outlin...
The longer I work in the foreclosure market the more I am astounded by the degree of success that the mortgage industry had in removing most of the equity form home in the U.S.  The amount of money that was injected into the economy though refinancing of existing mortgages and the generation of n...
For many years I have worked on many personal improvement programs and time management programs.  I have never found one that produced the results of Simpleology 101.  In the three weeks I have been doing the program there has been a remarkable improvment of my productivity.  Twice as much is get...
Finally the November foreclosure numbers are in and they make it clear that if you are going to invest in real estate over the next several years you better get really good at foreclosure investing and short sales.According to in the first 11 months of 2007 over 1,082,000 homes e...
My favorite method to purchase foreclosure property is "subject to" the underlying mortgage. This method works even better if you don't have to bring the loan current but are able to get the seller a forbearance agreement or better yet a loan modification from the lender.  If you do this it does ...
Thinking about buying a foreclosure and getting yourself a property at 50% of market value. You had better think again. What you need to realize as foreclosure investors really make their money not only through price but how they purchase the foreclosure property. Remember you make money in forec...
It irks me that foreclosure investors are often overlooked.  Every newspaper in the U.S and every TV station is bombarding us with the news that mortgage foreclosures have reached an all time high and that the end is near.  The Mortgage Bankers Association said that the percentage of homes that e...
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My thoughts and hints on foreclosure investing and using short sales to create equity