Foreclosure and Short Sale Investing - a Trend for the Near Future

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Foreclosure, short sales and other real estate investing ideas and comments.
I have been posting a lot of information about short sales and foreclosures but I need some help from the ActiveRain Community.I have been working with a group of European investors and they are currently seeking portfolios of non-performing first mortgages in Florida.  They want portfolios in th...
Bob Dylan wasn't wrong back in the sixties and once again the "times are a changin".  Markets are in a turmoil and turmoil will create opportunity for the observant investor.  Your business plan needs to be both dynamic and flexible for you to maintain a success in this business climate.We have c...
Have you had perfectly reasonable offers declined by banks and lenders?  I sure have.Richard Geller has written a blog post that is one of the most succinct I have seen about this subject.I highly recommend that you check it out at
Chances are your real estate investment or brokerage business is not the same as it once was. The real estate business has always been a very cyclical business but it is really changing rapidly these days.To succeed in today's business environment you need to be very flexible. A died in the wool ...
My last entry covered a bunch of information on how to use your IRA to participate in real estate investing. But, isn't the boom over. No one will invest in real estate in this market.Well, guess what, the real boom is about to begin.  Our illustrious Forth Estate, the media, is still kicking the...
If you have a truly self directed IRA or have ever though about putting one together you should watch the following video. The opportunities that are becoming available can create some remarkable returns for your retirement accounts if you have a truly self directed IRA, 401K, pension plan or Sep...
Who do you thing makes he rules when you are doing a short sale? The banks make the rules and you have to play by them. They write them and they can use them against you. But, do you know the rules? What do you think is going on with the loss mitigator you are speaking with? What do you think is ...
I sure hope that it is booming. If it is not you need to sit back and take a good look at both your business and marketing plans.If you are involved in real estate investing, and I assume that you are, this is a perfect time to be an investor. With all the market turmoil and the general negativit...
Talk about something being an oxymoron. The Feds have done it again and are proposing a a new rescue plan called “Project Lifeline”. Their plan is to let six of the biggest banks, Bank of America Corp., Citigroup Inc., Countrywide Financial Corp., J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Washington Mutual Inc. a...
Foreclosure investing is a lot like tennis and golf in that tennis racquet's and golf clubs both have sweet spots and so does your real estate investing business.  Hitting the ball on the sweet spot maximizes your results.  Finding your sweet spot in real estate investing will help to maximize yo...

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My thoughts and hints on foreclosure investing and using short sales to create equity