Okay, true that finances are tight everywhere, even with the wealthy in a since that their shares and stocks, investments and portfolios have taken a hit, however, I believe Staging is still at play in every arena of our society.  Look at the Bailout (Rescue) Plan for example, even the Senate sta...
 Realtors and For Sale By Owner should know the sure fire way to keep your home listed past 30 days is to Not Stage. Once your listing is put on the MLS it is considered a Fresh listing, ready to stand against all other homes within the same price range and location.  Why would you put your listi...
We all know how vital it is in our industry to make full disclosure to our clients just as Realtors.  Our client has the right to know in advance what we intend to do in the home, the amount of time we anticipate the transformation will take, and the amount we charge for the service.  As an added...
Recently, I was faced with a dilemma of whether to charge a client who lives in my county a consult fee.  Usually, I don't charge a consult fee if you are within 15 miles of my home, however, with the price of gas I am rethinking this one.  This client was referred by a previous client whom I did...


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