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This blog by Barb Fisher has a wonderful tool to help agents and their clients with mortgage info. I have bookmarked the calculator for future reference. I hope you find it as helpful as I do.Mortgage calculator with 8 side by side scenarios   Dan Dobbs with Capital Mortgage Services always sends...
This is a great post from Bob Crane. It explains how to value trees. As real estate professionals we owe to our clients to point them toward tree professional when they have questions about the value of a tree or timber. FAQ  How Much is My Tree Worth?? A question that every forester is asked oft...
Anyone remember the good old days of NCNB? Please take time to read this post and re-blog it. We need to spread the word on how B of A is behaving. Bank of America, You're Doing It Again and A Distressed Homeowner Is Getting Foreclosed Bank of America makes the rules but decides that it doesn't n...
This post form Kevin Mackessy describes what sounds like a miracle product. Has anyone tried it? I would love to hear from anyone who has used it.   At Blue Olive Properties we strive to provide the best quality rentals we can manage and we specialize in Denver property management. Occasionally, ...
I just went to a seminar on the purchase option part of Reverse Mortgages last week. This wonderful post from Sharo Falvey lays a lot of good info on this product, including two good web pages. This appears on the surface to be a great way for retirees moving to communities like ours to move up t...
If you have not seen this series of blogs, take time to read them and follow them. Gail needs all the help she can get with BOA. BOA SENT ME A DECLINE LETTER TODAY AS MY HUSBAND WAS BEING ADMITTED INTO HOSPICE I made all the trial loan modification payments on time over the phone via my BOA Custo...
This is a great post, and something we all should remember. At one time or another we have all been guilty of poor lockbox placement. Debb does a great job of covering this subject in a humorous way. A bad case of the Lockbox Blues Not sure about you, but I get frustrated with the lack of conside...
This post is stuff we all know. Thanks very much to Andy for taking time to write it down to remind us all. I have bookmarked it and plan to read it every month. Thanks again Andy. Ashley Okland, a 27-year-old real estate agent from West Des Moines, Iowa, was shot and killed on April 8, 2011 insi...
This is a heart breaking story. Please take time to read it and re-blog it. We need all the pressure on BOA we can get. After three years of filling out loan modification paperwork and sending it in, I was informed via a phone call today from Bank of America that my loan modification was declined...

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