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The stock market surged last week on better economic news.  However, bonds didn't do so well.   Unfortunately, there is not much economic news coming out this week that will effect much change.  Ben Bernanke testfies with the House Budget Commitee late Wednesday.  He is only expected to speak abo...
 I have been reading all of the articles on what caused the housing crisis.  Everyone involved in this business bares a little responsibility.  The Democrats wanted everyone to live the American dream.  The Republicans looked away; even though they say they knew there were problems.  However they...
We are frequently asked how customers can maximize their credit scores while using credit cards.  Here are some a few rules of thumb: Charge less than 30% of the credit limit Credit cards only report once a month and will report depending on when a billing cycle ends Carrying a balance and paying...
Sen. Jeff Merkley has written a letter to President Obama proposing to bring back the First Time Home-buyer's tax credit, along with focusing on a renewed effort in the Home Affordable Modification Program.  The home buyers tax credit was very successful in 2010.  Sen. Merkley would like to make ...
There is no question that Fanniemae and Freddiemac are broken.  To spite billions in losses, their investors are still being paid dividends at the expense of the american tax payer. The restructuring of the two mortgage giants was supposed to be announced today by the Obama administration.  Howev...
Newly elected Rand Paul of Kentucky is proposing legislation to "defund" HUD (Husing and Urban Development).  What on earth is he thinking?  If there is no HUD, there will be no FHA loans.  If there are no FHA insured loans, where will the funds come for affordable housing? There may be waste in ...
After watching the President deliver his State of the Union address, I was very disappointed he said nothing about housing.  Although the December housing data was favorable, making the current inventory 2% less, this is far cry from lifting housing out of the slump. Unemployment is still high.  ...
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was established last year to revamp financial regulation on products such as home mortgages, title loans, credit cards and pay day loans.  This is all headed up by Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard law professor.  Even though the bureau was fought by the powerfu...
The Federal open market committee or FOMC will meet on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  This is the first of eight of such meetings for 2011.   Even though the industry feels that the FOMC will not move to raise interest rates overall, mortgage rates may be impacted by what the FOMC decides. ...
Existing home sales surged 12 percent in December, giving a strong closing for the 2010 housing market.  It is the third straight month of home resale improvement nation wide. Sales volume is now as high as it has been since May 2010, just after the federal home buyer tax credit's expiration.  Th...

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