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Two weeks of "Rainmaking" and I'm an NOT an expert. Barely a cloud has formed. However, I have learned a couple things but I have a lot more questions than answers. First, I need to know about the advertising of listings in blogs. What’s appropriate? What’s not? Once I know that it is appropriat...
How will the proposed Florida Super Exemption affect investors and second home buyers? This is an important question that is being asked more and more. On the surface the benefits for owners of non-homestead property are not that great. However, depending on how the law is applied some relief sh...
They poison our food. They poison our toys. They even poison our pets’ food. You don’t have to be an economist to hate our relationship with China. It just toxic. Sorry, to be so blunt but that’s the way it is. Now, it’s not the people of China. It’s not the yaks, the rice patties or the Great W...
“Real Estate Diva!” Give me a break. It’s bad enough that it was my third unreturned phone call of the day but the last words before “wait for the tone” are  the company name followed by “real estate diva.” Broadway Joe Namath smiled from ear to ear and said “we did it, we did it.” Bill Coward a...
"The good, the bad and the ugly." My business is going to the dogs. And, that's dog-gone great. My basset is an important part of my marketing strategy for finding buyers. And, it works for finding sellers also. If I have to race off to a listing and get fido, then I do it. In this market you do...
Here in Florida, I was pleased to find that if I had a school age daughter that I would not have to pay sales tax on her garter belts or support stockings. Across the nation . . . or at least half way across the nation August brings back to school tax free shopping days. I don't know what happene...
 It's no wonder I talk to my hound. I need his advise and how to hound some sense into some of my fellow Floridians. The proposed tax amendment to be voted on next January gives current Florida residents a choice to keep the "Save Our Homes" exemption they now have or to opt over to the new "Supe...
In early June during a mandated Special Session both houses of the Florida State Legislature overwhelmingly passed short term property tax relief for 2007 and an amendment for long term relief to be voted on in January 2008 at the same time as the Presidential Primary. The bill offers immediate ...

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