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There is nothing more emotionally gratifying than knowing you have gotten 1st time home buyers off to the best start possible with a customized loan program, financial educational tools to start off their journey towards building their success in life. Having an accounting background puts me in a unique position in being able to understand complex tax situations, especially self employed borrowers with multiple companies. Having closed over 7,000 mortgage loans; gives me a very deep experience level very few in my Industry have attained. Having kept abreast of Realtor issues for 33 years as well through licensing also gives me a unique perspective and empathy to what agents have to go through on a sales transaction. I take great pride in getting a prequalification to stay loyal to the agent that first referred them to me even if it is 3 years later. It takes long time experience, empathy and knowledge to attain a long range financial strategy for clients whether it be through my backgrounds or my ability to work with a client's team of financial professionals to include Wealth managers, CPAS, insurance, financial and estate planners. I look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you..Please call me today. - See more at:
When it comes to our credit scores, paying the right or wrong account/s can make a huge difference.  One would assume when paying off bad debts on your credit report( i.e. collections, tax liens, judgements, repos) the credit scores would always increase.  For example, paying off a utility collec...
The healthy approach to homebuying and a home loan starts with the financing..For healthy resolutions in life, how about developing some of these habits?Get more sleep-Commiting to 8 hours a night is an effortless way to feel healthy. Researchers report sleeping burns fat, decreases stress, and b...
The Real Estate Industry and homeloans have long been an entrepreneur's playground.Knowing how to get started and acquiring the needed skills to start your own business are essential, but the basics will only take you so far.  If you want to maximize your rate of success, you need to be able to e...
If you want to be resilient-an essential characteristic of a leader-you have to boost your brain's reserve and have very specific stress management practices.  Try focusing on these five principles:1.Claim personal control.  You're in charge.  Stop blaming other people for how your life is turnin...
Visualize you rsuccess.  It's something we hear a lot of these days.  However we don't always know how to make our visualiztions powerful enough so that they become a reality.The first step in any visualization process is to believe that you can have it.  As Henry Ford once said"Whether you belie...
Why do credit scores differ between bureaus or where you pull a credit report?Scores can differ between bureaus because our creditors are not required to report to any or all bureaus. Some smaller creditors only choose to subscribe and report a consumers credit inofrmation to 1 or 2 bureaus.  Whe...
Home prices are continuing to accelerate upward Nd since price is the most significant consideration among people deciding whether or not to buy, prospective buyers need to move now. By taking the leap now, they may have a better opportunity to build equity in the future...Mortgage rates are at t...
1. Only do business dealings with people of character & integrity.  No matter what, never let yourself break that rule.  It will never be worth it.2. Contracts-The inevitable result of entering into a contract with a person lacking integrity is being forced to pay out huge sums of money to attorn...
Paint problems on teh house that could use a little fixing up.Weeding, clipping, raking & moving to spruce up the yard's street appeal.Updating wallpaper & paneling in the home or painting if necessary.Getting rid of mirrors and old wall fixturs that re just out of date in today's world.Replacing...
The truth is there is no real shortcut to succession in life or business..It requires a lot of hard work, dedication and transparency.  If you are unwilling to ommit to those things, you might as well throw in the towel now.  Great leadership requires a lot of skills and capabilities.But, above a...

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