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So you have decided to move?  And, you need to put your home on the market?   First things first.  It now is no longer your home.  It is a property that you have decided to sell.    There is a big difference.  And, as you move through the process, you will see how the difference makes a BIG DIFFE...
I hope you have a wonderful holiday season, and I wanted to share two of my favorites "recipes" with all of you this season.   Recipe for a Happy Home     4 cups of Love   2 cups of Loyalty   3 cups of Forgiveness   1 cup of Friendship   6 Tablespoons of Hope   6 Tablespoons of Understanding   6 ...
How can Michigan lawmakers even believe that the public will allow them to do require women to buy “rape insurance?”      Have they become so enamored of their power to put a major American city into bankruptcy forcing those who are already near the brink of bankruptcy themselves further in the h...
Having become more of a buyer's agent over the past year and a half than listing agent means that instead of chasing people down the street who are in their cars to come into an open house I am holding, I am now working on getting them to properties.  And, sometimes that means that I need to driv...

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