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The St. Michael Daze and Knights organizing committee held a wrap-up meeting last night, and there were a lot of congratulations going around. First of all, this was the most successful gathering in years.  And, they have decided to keep the dates in the mid-August range rather than move them as ...
Reblog this.  Send it to your Representative and Senators.  Don't bother the NRA, they can't read and think at the same time anyway.  But, get this in front of as many people as you can as soon as you can before the Congress gets back into town.REFERENCE my post of yesterday: SHORT SALES AND FORE...
The Crow River Senior Center is one of my favorite pasttimes.  I love being there, working there, volunteering there.  They have great programs, interesting trips, great speakers, mean card games, and some of the most fascinating people you will ever meet.  Really. And, they often have picnics an...
Nancy Pav has a great post here with a link to America's 9/11 Foundation.  This is an organization dedicated to helping the first responders, those men and women who often risk their lives to save ours.  I salute these heroes on Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, but, 9/11 is a time to honor th...
I love Gwen's bloopers from the MLS, and I think you will, too. She is now making them available to reblog....and, oh, I will. But, please stop by her blog....She has so much more than just this series.  What a bright star! Are you guilty of littering the MLS with cast-off listing remarks, egregi...
I love reading techie/nerdie stuff.  I don't do much about it, but I like reading it.  Justin has some great links here and you might want to add some of them to your repetoired. Now, go read some of his other stuff.....fascinating.I don't have much time to blog these days, but I wanted to do a q...
Don is absolutely right.  And, maybe your community could use this service, too.  I keep in touch with the editor of our local St. Michael Patch.  I read the new businesses opening, follow the team, find out what the councils (St. Michael and Albertville) and see how the community is faring in ge...
I keep this pasted to one of my cupboards because I am always hearing about people getting indigestion or something worse.  I have rewritten it a bit to comply with copyrights if there were any. Here are the top five foodborne illnesses and how to avoid them: Coli Bacteria by renjith krishnan   N...
This item in the local paper caught my fancy.... The 34th Annual Fiddler's Festival will be held in Annandale's Ioneer Park next Sunday August 21, 2011.  Now, I haven't been to one of these, but I do like fiddlin' music.  And, there is food involved, of course.  The day will start with Singleton ...
Endre makes a point here.  We enjoy wine with special meals....and, aren't they all special somehow? At any rate, he has a series that you might enjoy if you really like havin wine with your meals and on hand for guests.  With that intro, here is Endre.  Check out the rest of his series, too.Chea...

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