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While sentimental value may be NO value, there are some things that show you have cared for the property, and may actually increase the value.  You cannot give value to something that is intrinsic, but you can convert care and pride of ownership into $$$$. Now, read this and go thank Judi for a g...
I have to admit to spending waaaaaaaay more time on Google yesterday and today playing the Les Paul Guitar.  If you have gmail you likely have the Google Search bar, and if you clicked on the google "doodle of the day" you had access to the Les Paul Guitar which when you strum the strings makes t...
Well, the Friendly City Days in Albertville Minnesota are in full swing.  The City-Wide Garage Sale started yesterday.  And, it seems to be a great event since most of my neighbors have scored something they wanted!  The carnival started today.  Tomorrow night the St. Michael-Albertville Hockey C...
Bill's comment on the great fiasco that is Bank of America is priceless.  And, I present this to you now with the addition of a link that will open in a new window so that you do not have to copy and paste it.
Ted, has an absolutely great idea here.  And, one of the commenters mentioned keeping your keys in your hand when you go to your car (which I always do) because then you can set off the alarm before you reach the car which will likely scare anyone off.  Including other pedestrians.....Put your ca...
Mona is right.  This is just completely missing the mark on advertising.  I can't believe that they allowed this out....what are we back in the 50s?  I think we as a people have made SOME strides about homekeeping.Grrrrr. Nothing makes us madder than manufacturers hyping their wares by trying to ...
It sure took long enough this year for this baby to bloom, but it is so gorgeous and just lights up the back yard with its pink and fuscia blossoms.  We had such bad weather with the cold start and a lot of rain that I thought would nearly beat off all the blossoms.  Have a great week!
Diane has a great post here.  There are these months and those months.  But, this month is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month.  What a wonderful opportunity for you.  You can make an animal's life ever so much better.  Consider her post below.  And, please go to her blog to thank her for such a great post...
Albertville Friendly City Days June 8-12, 2011 is going to be a blast this year.  Starting on Tuesday with the Albertville Royalty Style Show  and continuing Wednesday with the CITY-WIDE Garage Sale, there are also fireworks on Friday night, a pork chop and spaghetti dinner, Grand Day parade, liv...
Yesterday, I helped out an elderly neighbor get all her bedding out of the house and cleaned.  We then worked on quite a bit of winter clutter.  She is all set now for a while.  And, her mind feels much more at rest. I, on the other hand, was quite exhausted by the time I got home last evening.  ...

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