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I can't believe that we can't do something together.  There is something afoot, and it is called HAMP or HAFA.  I was working with Titanium Solutions, but I think they might have dropped me already because of some comments I made on the Rain. So, here goes the other shoe, as they say.  Why aren't...
This has been a spectacular Monday!  It is raining, and it is a Monday.  Why would this be a better day than all the rest?  I got up, I can still do my work, and I can live my life to its fullest.  I have problems like everyone else, but when they seem overwhelming....and I do have a bunch of dea...
I love focaccia for Sunday brunch, but I hate the hassle.  I recently found this great recipe.  Try it!  You'll find it so simple to make, you might make it frequently as I now do.  1 russet or Yukon Gold potate, to measure 1 cup when peeled and cut into small chunks 2 1/1 cups cool water 4 c. br...
Pamela Seley has made some great points here.  I certainly worry frequently about the shrinking number of adults who will be able to own their homes any time in the near future.  And, the MERS issues are huge.  Read on, for some interesting and sobering information regarding the growing foreclosu...
I will be doing another open on this new listing with our brokerage on Sunday, October 24, 2010 from 12:30 to 2:30 PM.  Last week, I was fortunate to have quite a few visitors.  This week, the buyer will come through!  This home is located right on the Mississippi on a dead-end street.  It has an...
Tammy Lankford is one of the most generous people I know here on Active Rain, She has the right idea.  When we pay it forward, we reap great rewards.  Just don't read my comment because I am such a baby.  You would think I would have gotten over this by now. LOL,  Well, I will work on this next ...
Yesterday, I met two volunteers who work for the Fare for All Progam in Wright County Minnesota.  The link I just provided is for the Human Services Area where both of these wonderful women used to work.  Both have been involved for 20-30 years of assisting those who couldn't or can't provide foo...
Saturday, October 3, 2010 will be a day to remember.  Camp Greenwood located here in St. Michael, Minnesota, was the home to 85 years of Girl Scout camping experience.  It began when the land was donared to the Girls Scouts in 1925 by the Minneapolis Sunshine Society.  (Great name or what?)  The ...
Well, for some reason, I couldn't reblog his post, and that works for me anyway because now I get to say some nice things about him.  He showed up last week with two kitties for me... and now he has me roped into helping with this project, too.  If he were a realtor, I would tell my broker to hir...
Add Wells Fargo to the list of employees ratting out the "BANK".  Many other Burger King kids, as they are now known have told regulators that they signed hundreds of foreclosure documents without verifying details,  One of the vice presidents in South Carolina has admitted that she signed "anywh...

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