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We can congratulate ourselves.  With an average score of 787, the Twin Cities area topped a list of 152  cities.  A score of 787 is a C+.  Not the best.  But it is the top score for the nation.   Minneapolis has been on top three of the last four years however.  The average score was 792 in 2007 ...
Winter starts in our house on October 1st.  I changed the curtains from sheers to damask with lining.  I changed the rugs from straw or cotton to wool.  I moved all the deck furniture and plants that enjoyed summer sun and waning autumn days without a frost to indoors to make it to another spring...
I have encountered problems with the columns in the iTunes display.  And, someone was nice enough to give me the headsup on how to fix it.  Ready?  Remove or add column categories:  Select View from the menu bar, then View Options.  Click unchecked categories you wish to add.  Uncheck the categor...
Well, according to Google, they are now 12 years old today.  It's been all over Twitter, the tech blogs, and the news.  Congratulations to them.  As one woman put it, you have one more year to use them because when they become a teenager, they will no longer listen to you!  I hope that doesn't ha...
I am not complaining here.  Let us understand that.  There are people in southern Minnesota and Wisconsin who have lost homes, cars and livelihoods due to the storm that passed through the last two to three days.  Our prayers should be with them.  The devastation is beyond my imagination.  A whol...
An attorney who specializes gave me this timeline for Minnesota in one of the seminars I attended.  I hope it might be of use to Minnesotans.    Foreclosure Time  - Represents an average timeline and may vary by lender.  1st Payment Missed - Lender calls and sends letter to homeowner 2nd Payment ...
Goldline, one of Glenn Beck's advertisers and whom he has endorsed, was brought before Congress today to explain how they have bilked thousands of middle-class somewhat boomer to older consumers out of millions of dollars with their scare tactics.  One witness, not impaired nor particularly "elde...
  Unfortunately, I don't know if there is an author for this or if it just a compilation of life lessons from one person or a group, but I thought this was very interesting and I am keeping it in my file of quotations... To celebrate growing older, I once wrote the 45 lessons life taught me. It i...
You must see this.  He is charming and funny!  Tune in if you have a few minutes... Just check out my last post for the link!!!
Jonathan Franzen will appearing live at the Fitzgerald Theatre in St. Paul in a few minutes. If you haven't heard, he is the latest author to be featured on Oprah.  He will be discussing his latest book, "Freedom" with our...

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