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If you see this critter, remember he is unarmed.  However, he uses his forepaws with great agility and can be dangerous (to vegetation).                                                           WANTED FOR GRAND THEFT OF TOMATOES OFF THE VINE!!! This dog has been seen getting into barrels to rip ...
Here is an example of agents who know how to do the right thing...over and above the call of duty....but so necessary.  I love taking care of my senior clients.  And, she does, too. But Why Would You Do That? But Why Would You Do That?   Over the last 4 weeks I have heard that question over and ...
I wish I had the authors of each of this quotations, but sadly they were not cited.  Optimists aren't always happy, but they always think they might be soon.     A pessimist is someone who believes that when her cup runneth over, she'll need                               a mop.     Which camp do ...
This is a must-see video.  It might make you laugh and cry at the same time...I know I did!  This is one of the most touching videos I've seen this year.  It's a montage of various members of our troops returning home and surprising their loved ones.  Quick warning: I would highly suggest having...
Fall is typically football, back to school, wardrobe changes, raking leaves.  But, if you watch television for more than three hours a night, it is also waiting with baited breath for the new fall "line-up".  Did your favorite show return...will it be as good as last year?  What new comedy/drama/...
I recently changed my phone and internet service over to a cable service that we had had for years.  Once the change was made, the Century Link people called me to see why I had switched. There were several options during the phone conversation, then I reached a live body, they inquired why I cal...
Remember, if you don't vote, you shouldn't complain.  There are many races up for endorsement to the general election.  The governnor's race seems to be garnering not only state attention but national attention as well since Tim Pawlenty seems to be setting his sights on a presidential run.  Ther...
NAR is the National Association of Realtors for the non-real estate market that may be reading this.  I think this is a great assessment of the current and potentially future market in real estate.  As you may be aware, NAR holds a GAD Institute each year attended by Government Affairs Directors...
A little boy asked how old his baby brother was said, "He's too new to have a number!"  When the little boy was asked by his grandma if his shoes fit, he said, "My toes are on the finish line."  Now for some advice that YOUR parents might have given you....from some smart people I know.  "Happine...
Today is the DAY.....Buy a Blizzard (YUM!) and help a great charity in the meantime......Thanks, Don.  There are kids from our area being treated at Gilette Children's Specialty Healthcare in St. Paul, Minnesota.  You can help them on Thursday, August 5th.  It's called Miracle Treat Day, and $1 ...

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