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  HARVEST FESTIVAL  AUGUST 7th    The Little City on the Crow, Hanover, Minnesota , will be hosting the Harvest Festival again this year.  So save the date of August 7th for fun, food and the farmers' market.     There are all kinds of activities including a grand parade with antique autos, fire...
Oh, the days when I wish I could have come up with that perfect line....are gone.  I now have an arsenal of them.  I am keeping them in my back pocket for just the right opportunity to either zing or exhilarate someone....or just knock their socks off.    Here are some of my new one-liners and cr...
This struck my fancy this week....On July 31st at Sturges Park Amphitheater in Buffalo, Minnesota starting at 4 p.m. There will be free face painting and kids activities.                                                                  Beginning at 6:30 pm, over 100 clowns will begin performing c...
Buyers, when you are looking to obtain financing, really read through this.  And, then make the adjustments as necessary.  It can save you thousands and a good deal of time as well.  Here's a handy list of 10 things you can do to kill your chances of getting a loan today. 1. The house just needs...
Here is very excellent advice for buyers, agents and brokers.  Complements of one smart cookie, Judi Barret.  I have disabled send them right over to Judi.  Thanks.  Home Buyers, Don't be Offended... Just get Pre-Qualified.  Save Yourself Some Time.  It Really Is For Your Own Good....
Let me tell you a little story about what happened on Tuesday.... I got my bank statement from Wells Fargo.  I have a personal line of credit that has been having a monthly fee of about $80.00 per month for the last two or three months as I pay it down to get rid of it altogether.  I opened the s...
Everyone is bugging me about my pets....well, maybe not everyone.  But, a couple of people have asked for pictures of my strange-bred dogs.  One is a Border Collie mixed with Great Pyrenees which explains why he never runs around the yard...mostly finds a shady spot and lies down.  Not typical of...
This is very important information for all consumers, realtors and those in the housing industry.  Please read it through...Jeff is very astute and if we all do something, maybe we can save ourselves!    IMPORTANT CALL TO ACTION - Hot topic - Reduction of seller concessions on FHA loans to 3% ma...
There will be an all-you-can-eat spaghetti dinner at the St. Michael Legion on July 24th, 2010, to benefit Aidden Tilly, born on February 15th of this year.  He was diagnosed with a  heart defect known as  Left Heart Syndrome (basically half a heart) shortly after birth.   This heart defect is re...
July 19, 2010, 5:30 PM  The St. Michael-Albertville Public Safety Dau will be held at the Middle School West in Albertville, Minnesota.  It is a free event hosted by the Wright County Sheriff;s Office.  There weill be polic dogs, helicopters, the fire deparment police, ambulances and other emerge...

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