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When you are seeking to rebuild credit scores for your next move, here is the plan.  There are those of you out there who have had to short sale property to get out from under loans that were ill-conceived at best and you can and will be able to buy in the future following a plan. Original Source...
We have been making eight days, we have moved from from 94 to 53rd,,,,                                                             This family is so grateful for everything we've done so far...and we are still going.  Show your support.  Reblog this post or the previous one.  I don...
So, I'm out and about today....working a PA and getting another listing...YAY!  And, this pops up on my BB..                                                                         Greetings, I just came across your Real Estate listing in the local neighbourhood paper. I'm extremely interested in...
It has been a fun, fast and fantastic journey over the last three or four days.  I have met quite a few new members that I will feel right at home with.  And, the cause that I was promoting - the PKS Pepsi Challenge contest is moving right along.  In just six days, they moved from 94th to 64th, a...
This is an open letter to all Rainers and people who read the Rain.  If you can assist Andrew and his family by simply voting, please take the time.  This is very important not only to the Schmidts but others facing this debiliating and enormous problem.  I appreciate your assistance.  And thanks...
Just when you think you've seen it all something new pops up.....                                                           This week I took a new listing...only reduced it 5K off the previous listing.  But, of course, put my own marketing spin on it. Then corrected all the errors that the previo...
Even  if you dislike attorneys..You will love them for  these tips.  Read this and make a copy for your files in case you need to refer to it someday. Maybe we should all take some of his advice! A corporate attorney sent the following out to the employees in his company:  1. Do not sign the back...
I have this little secret...and now I need to share it.  I have been listening to Pandora Radio for quite some time, probably about two years.  It is the best-kept secret because I have never met a soul who knows about it and very few people write about it on the net.  Check it out at www.pandora...
Looking for acreage?  Looking for what amounts to two master bedrooms in the same house?  (Can't sleep in the same room with the wife or hubby?)  Both bedrooms have walk-in baths and walk-in closets.  How cool?  And there is another bedroom on the main floor.  Main floor laundry and a deck and pa...

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