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Not by choice or design, but by client demand.  Where were all these people in December and January?  Don't get me wrong.  I am not ungrateful.  But, I can't even screw my head on straight anymore.  I LOVE it.  This is not my cup of that I like to have some time to myself ala Gary Woltal...
Heed this advice.  Letters are just letters behind one's name.  Ask questions and get answers.  How many short sales have you participated in?  Ask for referrals.  Get the information you need to make an informed decision or you WILL be sorry, and a lot less financially sound.  When I closed my f...
Yes, today I logged on and on the sidebar where I check my mail is full of attorney ads and Hungarian lawyers at that.  Why?  Oh, let me tell you a little secret...every time you search, they helpfully let you know what you might need.  I checked on some attorneys yesterday for a potential client...
Great words from a great broker.  This is must-read.  If you do short sales, keep these points in mind when talking to your sellers.  Please.  If they don't have a grasp of the serverity of the situation, you need to make them aware.  No one likes the bad news, but it must be dealt with. What we ...
Susan Mangigian is one of my favorite bloggers, a good sport and an all-around nice person.  She could write the book on niceness....but here is just a sample. We can all use a reminder once in a while that whether we are dealing with clients, we need many people to accomplish our goals.  And, i...
If you missed today's webinar about building relationships, I certainly hope you don't miss the next one!                                                                Jason has the amazing ability to CONNECT to people.  It's a good thing since he has so many roles to play...husband and friend, ...
                                                                       Beautiful three-bedroom, four bath home with light airy feel on a corner lot tucked away in the Nature's Edge Addition in Becker Minnesota.  Fantastic spaces, cozy feel.  Please stop by today!  Under $300,000 with over 1838 fsf. 
Dave Klutch has been a trusted member of Sabinske & Associates before we WERE Sabinske & Associates.  Dave is a go-to guy.  He is thorough, meticulous and is interested in his clients' best interests.  He is outstanding with new buyers, seasoned sellers and is knowledgeable about home constructio...

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