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When you take buyers out for the first time, do you ever end up at the end of the trip with them asking which house was the one they like? Gosh, I sometimes can't say. And that was very frustrating when I first started taking people out. But, being a buyer's agent, I knew I quickly had to solve t...
My broker sent an email this morning to one of our clients. And that prompted me to remind agents that our fiduciary responsibility to our clients can get long and involved. We have a seller who will likely (I'm not exactly sure) incur some tax implications when and if we finally get to close on ...
As we all know, life is tough these days. I have worked as a bell ringer for several years off and on. Last year, I couldn't due to a problem with a cold and a toe that thought it had an attitude. But again this year, I was able to help out and will again a couple of times. In the great economy o...
I know, I know. Shop 'til you drop! Stand in line for 4 hours to get that toy, gizmo, whatever is hot. Support the economy! Well, here in Minnesota, it's cold, man. I mean toe-numbing cold on this November morning! For several years, in November, I would stand in line early in the morning to garn...
You may be thankful for many different things this Thanksgiving. Family, friends, your home. Me, I think I finally got down to the real deal.  When you do what I do, you realize that possessions aren't all they are cracked up to be. Your house is a roof and four walls which could be gone tomorrow...
Good Day, Fellow Rainers: My wish for you is a happy Thanksgiving full of all the favorite foods, friends and family. But, if you have just a few minutes here or there over the long weekend, please check this out. It's fun, educational and it'll make you feel even more grateful. FreeRice is a sis...
Valerie Spaulding finally got me.   This is one MeMe I actually like.  As it happened, my closest book is success@life by the ministers of the Republic of Tea - Ron Rubin and Stuart Avery Gold, a book given to me as a Christmas present by one of my dearest friends.  I was rereading it as inspirat...
I was catching up on my reading this morning.  And, I read an interesting article.  Some of the statistics reported were of the strange, but true, nature.  To paraphrase some of the statistics, we all seem to believe that consumer debt late payments are near record levels.  Apparently not the cas...
I is almost worse than we can believe, and here am I complaining.  I almost hate to post this but someone has to bring this to everyone's attention, especially right before the holidays.  I am the designated destination for the holidays because I cook from scratch, and apparently pret...
I needed some pepping up today.  I started reading blogs around 7...most of my favorite writers hadn't posted yet.  I found some good information, one or two laughs, and some just plain confounding words.  But, still needed to get pumped up.  Then I found one of my favorite quotes (or refound it)...

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