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What are the certainties? The sun rises every morning and sets each evening. Teenage boys are always hungry. Buyers will always buy houses and sellers will always sell houses. These truths are undeniable.  Despite the negativity of the media, despite the grim predictions of the economists, houses...
Connecting with people in the neighborhood gets easier all the time.  Block parties are going out and Facebook is in. Facebook is now supposedly the fourth largest country in the world and yet it still manages to get into the local neighborhood! I have recently heard of neighbors forming neighbor...
    When buying a home on Long Island... let the buyer be cautious!   When buying a home anywhere there are so many things to consider: location, price, features, and more.  But when buying a home on Long Island you have a whole new dilemma to consider. "Mr. or Ms. Buyer have you considered that...
Are you buying a home in Smithtown, NY without a buyer's broker?   After years of a successful career in real estate in another state I have now found myself in real estate in Smithtown, New York. Wow! Things are very different here and certainly not to a home buyers advantage. If you are getting...
Are you looking for a way to meet your neighbors and market to your community effectively? Take a look at This is a cool way to build an online community of neighbors. This free service provides a way to create a neighborhood directory, share photos, organize and promote even...
Why did we choose Maumelle?  Several years ago, we had the opportunity to relocate to Arkansas. As we contemplated laying a foundation for our family we had much to consider.   We had many friends in the Little Rock area who were all eager to share an opinion of where they thought we should settl...

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