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In February there were 309 properties in king County that made it to auction. There were a total of 342 REO properties that reverted back into bank ownership. There are 563,000 house holds in King County. So the total percent of homes in King County that are owned buy a Bank in February is 0.0006...
Magical things happening in foreclosure trends in King County. Foreclosure filings are down 26% from last month alone, from 880 in January to 651 in February. There is an average of 25% difference between Retail sales and Distressed sales in King County. So definitely not what is seen on TV happe...
Continually on media outlets that the economy is sluggish, unemployment close to double digits, bailout nation, and what ever fear the media can drum up to keep you watching. I die laughing at how outrageous some of the terminology is. If you watch network news you could think on any given day th...
Recently I put in an offer on a property in the Seattle area, and the listing agent called me with the most unusual story. It was a methodology is how get the first lien hold to take less, and pay the second more, so the second lien would not follow the seller if it came up short. So i know what ...
I get a call the other day from a young lady that wants to use her "$8,000.00" tax credit as part of her down payment for a property. First she asks if she can buy a foreclosed property at auction with her tax credit. I tell her that she needs cash to purchase property at auction. Then she asks a...
I love getting calls from other Realtors clients, and they are just calling to check on things that quite don't make since. Before i ever know if they are working with anyone else, they ask me questions about what they are going through. Of course it makes no sense, then I give them about 20 minu...
Yesterday i went into an estate sale with an offer 5k over asking. Mind you the house was a good deal not a Great Deal though. There were 9 offer by this morning. The offers were high enough to not make any legible since. When the sun comes out in Seattle, so do the buyers.
I had a closing next week for a great deal on a property in Ballard. Inspection went great; appraisal came back spectacular, and two weeks have gone by since. So we are in that coasting period were you are doing little things like going to home depot to price out what you want to do with your new...
For the Past Month I have had this man calling every week to ask me about prospective foreclosure properties, and at the end of every conversation I get off the phone wondering if the man heard anything I said. This person came to me with a pre approval letter from a National Lending institution ...

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