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The News & Truth about Hard Money Loans. This blog will help you understand what hard money is and criteria to get a Hard Money Loan.
  LENDER’S VIEWPOINTBy Forest Tardibuono, Guy In The White Hat           “Hard Money” Loans   There was a really good article in the Wall Street Journal last week about Hard Money loans.  It was informational to borrowers and investors alike.  It spoke of the fact that Hard Money loans will accou...
  LENDER’S VIEWPOINT By Forest Tardibuono       I debated in high school and then went to Arizona State University on a tuition scholarship for debate. Not too long into my college debate team tenure, I discovered concurrently, the girls dormitory housing 1,500 suntanned beauties, 7 oz. beers 6 f...
This ancient adage simply means that the facts of a matter point to one conclusion.  Since I write articles about lending and real estate, I’ll give you the facts and let’s see if “all roads lead to Rome”, that is, we conclude the same thing.   Interest rates on 30 year and 15 year fixed rate mo...
Consumer Confidence: Courage and Happiness By Forest Tardibuono     Who would have thunk that as a real estate and mortgage Broker, I would ever need to and actually have to write about courage, happiness and the like. Lack of consumer confidence is all over the various media. It has been stated ...

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