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Great piece of information!         Housing markets never stay down, they come back. Is now the time to buy? By Carole Rodoni Yes, right now the housing market is battered and bruised. Loans are harder to get, some areas are still in decline, sellers are stressed and buyers are hesitant. So how ...
No matter how hot or cold it is outside, you can apply some simple tips to reduce your energy bills year round:* In hot weather, cover up windows to keep cool indoor air in and hot outdoor air out. When it's cold outside, covering the windows does just the opposite--keeps warm air in and cold air...
In today's market, the key for sellers is to price their home 'at market' or even slightly below. You need to remember that buyers today are taking on the risk of a slowing market in their offering price.If your home is not selling, you might wonder how long you should wait to reduce your list pr...
Household incomes, mortgage rates, the job market, and affordability are all factors that help determine a home's value. Yet another factor is a home's amenities.Of course buyers look at the number of bedrooms and baths and whether they have been updated or remodeled. They also look for an update...


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