May I say that I am certainly hoping the glass is at least half full when it comes to customer service. I want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt when it comes to customer service. It could be the person behind the counter at the gas station or at the front desk. We all want to feel like o...
It’s been a great summer and things are winding down again. It’s that fall shoulder season and temperatures are cooler and it’s time to plan a head for the holidays. Well, if you’re traveling, it’s definitely time to plan ahead. If you plan on utilizing I-10, I-17 or any of the Loops to come back...
  Maybe you’ve been thinking about making some personal changes regarding being more conservative or saving on energy costs. After all, we have more choices today than those before us and last I checked the cost of living hasn’t dropped. Maybe we can save ourselves a little of the green stuff to...

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